Prepare Estate Plan Documents (Wills and Personal Documents)


Preparation of personalized Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney with Statutory Gifts Rider, Healthcare Proxy, and Living Will Supplement (single person or married couple).

What is included?

  • Conference to obtain family and financial information.
  • Review existing estate planning documents.
  • Provide targeted advice regarding risks and likely outcomes with updated estate plan, and recommend changes, if necessary.
  • Drafting of new estate plan documents to account for new desires and family or financial circumstances.
  • Supervise execution of new estate plan documents to provide legal presumption of validity.
  • Safekeeping of original documents, with copies provided as needed at no cost.

What is not included?

  • Does not include administration of any anticipated estate, advice that may be required for any agents appointed under documents drafted, or representation before any Federal, State or local governmental entity or administrative board.